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Dave's Music Page This one contains music I performed or recorded.

Kill The Silent   Dave recently recorded a CD for CJ's band. They  ROCK!!!

LOD Multimedia This site features music and art by Dave and his buddy Frank.

Hawaii Live Webcam from the resort in Kauai where we spent our honeymoon.

Jen and Ren The home page of Jen and Ren Alberto (Gregorio).

 Craig and Belinda Dave made this site in honor of Craig and Belinda's recent wedding.

 Chris W Smith's Home Page - Dave's big brother's web directory.

 Martinsville High School Band - Dave's buddy Kevin is the band director!

Team Bulldog Racing - Dave made this web site for a professional race team!

 Matoaca Elementary School - Steph teaches here.

 Chesterfield County Public Schools - More about Steph's school system.

 Fairmount Christian Church - Thanks for being there for us on July 20, 2002!

U N33d Help - Dave's buddy JJ produced this independent film.

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